The Difference

The Work

Touch people. Inspire them to care. Motivate them to action. Educate them to effectively perform — both easily and brilliantly. Drive evolution, change and improvement.

The Philosophy

Listen! Understand what needs to be said, then say it — creatively, clearly, effectively, truthfully and simply.

The Results

Our work consistently achieves positive results for our clients. In fact, during HORNE's 25+ years in business, our creative has never been rejected.

Our Work


Equal parts science and art. The science of in-depth discovery and comprehensive road mapping, when combined, creatively articulate the task at hand and are reinforced by scientifically measurable results.


Achieving the intended result. Positions filled. Consumer understanding and action. Partnerships achieved. Budgets enhanced. Perceptions changed.

Our Clients Say...

The Group

Phyllis Horne Bio Photo
Phyllis Horne / Owner + CEO

“Years of writing ad copy and producing commercials helped me prepare to succeed in the advertising business!” While she likes to play it down, we like to brag about Phyllis’ diverse career as a journalist, a writer, a film and video producer/director and even as a songwriter in the music business. After all, how many advertising agency CEOs also wrote songs recorded by Willie Nelson? She’s also well-known for her infectious enthusiasm — especially at six o’clock in the morning!

Steve Krouse Bio Photo
Steve Krouse / EVP + Chief Creative Officer

“I just like regular stuff. You know? I don't like weird food or funky furniture or anything that's not, you know, normal.” With an eye for detail and a knack for getting the design just right, thankfully for us, Steve is abnormally talented and creative!

Horne Creative Group

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