The Specifics

Everything required to research, conceptualize, produce and deploy the full spectrum of communication activities.

HORNE's Methodology

Strategic Planning

Whether it’s designed for one campaign or a handful of multi-million dollar programs, HORNE’s discovery process is the same, resulting in a strategic plan that defines the objective, strategy and tactics.


Print collateral, websites, eNews, display and promotional items, virtual events and everything else required to support outreach.


Print, broadcast and online media planning, buying and management.

Public Relations

Journalistic, corporate news and earned media.

Support Activities

508 compliance, photography, film/video production and post-production, copywriting, design, illustration and programming.

360° Management

Earned value-management and start-to-finish, integrated oversight of budgets, schedules, creative and production.

The Group

Phyllis Horne Bio Photo
Phyllis Horne / Owner + CEO

“Years of writing ad copy and producing commercials helped me prepare to succeed in the advertising business!” While she likes to play it down, we like to brag about Phyllis’ diverse career as a journalist, a writer, a film and video producer/director and even as a songwriter in the music business. After all, how many advertising agency CEOs also wrote songs recorded by Willie Nelson? She’s also well-known for her infectious enthusiasm — especially at six o’clock in the morning!

Steve Krouse Bio Photo
Steve Krouse / EVP + Chief Creative Officer

“I just like regular stuff. You know? I don't like weird food or funky furniture or anything that's not, you know, normal.” With an eye for detail and a knack for getting the design just right, thankfully for us, Steve is abnormally talented and creative!

Warren Levy Bio Photo
Warren Levy / Vice President, Operations

“This is me being excited.” Okay, so he’s not the most overly demonstrative guy and he's probably the only Gen X-er in the world who still reads a physical newspaper, but his true brilliance and attention to detail shows every single day in his work. Take for example, his socks. Enough said!

Roxanna Pautienus Bio Photo
ROXANNA PAUTIENUS / Vice President, Client Services

“Whatever you do, don't use that silly picture of me with the mask and feathers. That is so not me!” She's right of course. Totally buttoned up, buttoned down — every little detail is exact and perfect. But this photo also reveals Rox's sense of humor and candid side. Sorry Rox, we are so using this photo!

Dee Ann Kuhn Bio Photo

“Repeat after me: NO AMPERSANDS!” Dee readily admits that her OCD approach to writing and editing can be a little extreme. But that, coupled with her need for absolute perfectionism, is what makes our copy shine! This Lacrosse Mom knows that the key to success is all about organization. Except for the 10,000 files on her desktop. But we digress...

Ann Macdonald Bio Photo

“Collaboration really makes all the difference!” Ann shows that in the way she works with colleagues and clients — not to mention her senior associate, Edna the Chihuahua, age 15! With a BFA in graphic design and 22 years’ experience, Ann is quick, creative and flexible — thanks to years of Pilates and working with a diverse mix of clients, design projects and experts in their fields. After starting out in magazines, Ann moved to advertising, branding and packaging. That’s no small achievement. We’re pleased as punch that this SCAD alum has joined the HORNE team — that is, she and Edna!

Karen Lonesome Bio Photo

“There simply aren't enough female super heroines in the world!” Forget Batwoman! Karen's stratospherically incredible work has earned her the title “SuperSuite Mighty Designer.” When it comes to creative talent, Karen packs a one-two punch! Blending her dynamic vision with imaginative precision, Karen is our in-house super hero!

David Irish Bio Photo

“I’m a Marylander, born and bred.” David loves his crabs, loves his Terps. But you can guess the question he’s been asked all his life: Is he actually Irish? Nope. He claims he’s a “mutt” — much like his family’s new puppy, Bailey. We prefer to say David has a wide and varied background, including a long career as a marketing professional. He’s diligent, appreciative and takes pride in building and nurturing long-lasting, successful relationships with clients. And we imagine with that new puppy, as well.

Yanely Allen Bio Photo

“Yes, (sigh), I love my Weimaraners!” The breed is described as intelligent, alert, steady, fast, energetic and stubborn (in a good way). As her approach to clients and account management demonstrate, there’s some truth to the old saying that people are like their dogs. Hmm…come to think of it, Yanely is as steadfast in delivering quality work to her clients on time (and on budget), as she is fiercely loyal to them. Would you want to tussle with her…or Remi the Weimaraner for that matter?

Leslie Bio Photo
LESLIE MILLER / Senior Copywriter / Editor

“I am originally from Chicago, but consider cyberspace my true home.” An avid sci-fi fan since childhood, she joined HORNE in February 2016, after more than 25 years in the newspaper universe. Most recently for USA Today (boy is HORNE lucky!), Leslie reported, edited and tweeted on topics ranging from holistic health and religion to cybertechnology. Until she can visit other planets in person, she’ll settle for exploring inner space, taking iPhone photos of weird mushrooms and playing with photo apps.

MaryAnne Garner Bio Photo

“I live for a good story!” As HORNE's media savvy account manager, MaryAnne knows a thing or two about connecting with people and to a target audience. She digs in, finds out what people relate to, what moves them and innovates from there. Did we mention she's whip smart? It's not just her degree in phenomenological psychology but also her knowledge of social media platforms, user habits and what drives traffic to our clients' sites that keeps the rest of us on our toes and tweeting.

Becca Rodway Bio Photo

“I'm not joking when I say I live in the country. I live way out in the country!” When it comes to media, metaphorically speaking, this country girl is all about being connected. Becca not only handles all aspects of media buying, planning and execution, she’s also the face of HORNE with its vendors and media partners. And she also keeps the collective pulse of HORNE (the account, editorial and design teams) on track. How does she do it all? It might have something to do with the giant satellite dish on her 10-acre farm.

Scott Parker / Programmer + 508 Compliance

“I like to get out in nature when I can.” We are trying to decide if that's because he's a Natural Language Programmer or, based on the great work he does for us, a real natural at programming — irrespective of the language.

Jae Jung Bio Photo

“I don't always wear weird wigs. But when I do, it really cracks my kid up!” Wow is right! Jae is one of the most awesome Web developers in the world. But that hair? It goes to show that Web developers really do have a sense of humor!

Libby King Bio Photo

When she’s not tackling the Billy Goat Trail, Libby is slaying DCAA dragons and crunching wrap rates to ensure compliance with regulations and industry best practices.

David Gallo Bio Photo

“I am not one of the Property Brothers. If I was on HGTV, do you think I'd be processing your ridiculous little insertion orders?” What can we say, even though he sometimes looks like Drew Scott and at other times he looks like Jonathon Scott, we thank our lucky stars that David processes our insertion orders and takes care of accounts payable and other mundane (but incredibly important) financial tasks. In between takes of course!