Pricing Particulars

Via your agency's internal contracting office or GSA's Acquisition Assistance experts, Horne Creative Group Inc. offers Firm Fixed Pricing based on extremely cost-effective labor rates. Review our Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) Pricelist and get an idea of what any of the most common items that we produce will cost, but keep in mind that these prices are maximum prices per item. Combining items as part of an overall campaign creates economies of scale that often result in labor savings up to 54 percent!

GSA Contract

GSA AIMS Contract Number: GS-23F-0012N
 (Note that SIN 541-5 Integrated Marketing Services enables you to purchase all communication products and services allowed under any individual SIN.) SIN 541-3 Web Based Marketing Services

SIN 541-4A Market Research & Analysis

SIN 541-4B Video/Film Production

SIN 541-5 Integrated Marketing Services

SIN 541-1000 Other Direct Costs

GSA Schedule

Additional Info

Download the Horne GSA brochure for the Federal Supply Service Authorized Federal Supply Schedule Price List (PDF).

DUNS Number: 928 362 300
Fed Tax ID: 65-0459058
CAGE Code: 1WUJ4
Business Type: A2 (Woman Owned)