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The deadline to apply for an Indian Health Service (IHS) scholarship is March 28. Here are a few tips to help streamline your application process:

Confirm you’re applying for the right scholarship. Your eligibility may have changed since you last applied. If you first applied for a Preparatory or Pre-Graduate scholarship but have completed those studies and are pursuing a bachelor’s or graduate degree, you should apply for a Health Professions scholarship. See the scholarship comparison chart on the IHS Scholarship Program website for a list of this year’s priority degree programs.

Reapply online. All you need is the email address and password you used when you last applied online. The online application system retains your profile, allowing you to update any information needed without having to create a new account. You can access the online application through the IHS Scholarship Program website.

Download the Application Handbook. The Application Handbook contains instructions, forms and information to complete your application. You can download a copy of the handbook from the IHS Scholarship Program website.

Review your application before submitting. Double check your application to ensure you have answered all the questions completely and accurately to avoid having your application rejected as incomplete.

Review your supporting documents. Your application can also be rejected if you fail to include all necessary supporting documentation. Use the handy checklist in the Application Handbook to help you keep track of all required documentation for your application.

Following these tips can make your reapplication process go smoothly and help to ensure that you meet the deadline.

Three Scholarship Options

The IHS Scholarship Program offers three scholarship options:

  • Preparatory Scholarship — For qualified American Indian and Alaska Native students enrolled in preparatory or undergraduate prerequisite courses in preparation for entry to a health professional school.
  • Pre-Graduate Scholarship — For qualified American Indian and Alaska Native students enrolling in undergraduate coursework leading to a bachelor’s degree required for application to medical, dental, optometry or podiatry school and others as needed by Indian health programs.
  • Health Professions Scholarship — For qualified American Indian and Alaska Native students pursuing a health profession degree program.
Ready to Reapply?

You must submit your application, including all required documentation, no later than March 28. If you submit your materials via a commercial carrier such as FedEx or UPS, a legible, dated receipt from the commercial carrier will be accepted as proof of timely mailing instead of a postmark. Private metered postmarks, however, are not accepted.

Please visit the Contact Us page of the IHS Scholarship Program website to submit any questions or comments to your Area Scholarship Coordinator or the IHS Scholarship Program office.

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