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As an Indian Health Service (IHS) scholarship recipient, you are eligible to apply for continued scholarship support. Your IHS scholarship can help you reach your career goals, while also helping IHS to meet its mission: To raise the physical, mental, social and spiritual health of American Indians and Alaska Natives to the highest level. We hope you will continue to be a part of our mission as you move closer toward obtaining your health profession degree and, ultimately, joining IHS in providing much-needed health care services to an appreciative patient population.

Applications are accepted through the February 28 deadline. Go to the IHS Scholarship Program website to log in or to create an online account.

Continuation Application Documentation
Where to Send Materials

You must submit your application and required supporting documentation to your Grants Scholarship Coordinator. Refer to your Student Handbook for additional information.

IHS Scholarship Program
Attn: Program Analyst
801 Thompson Ave., TMP-450
Rockville, MD 20852

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If you are on schedule to graduate at the end of the academic year and you plan on applying for a Health Professions scholarship, please contact your Program Analyst as soon as possible for assistance in establishing a new application account.


The following documentation is required from all applicants seeking continued scholarship support:

Letter of Enrollment and Good Academic Standing — Required for applicants applying for continuation scholarship support under the same scholarship (must have an advisor’s signature).

Official Transcript — Do not open or make copies; transcripts must be received by the Division of Grants Operations in an official, sealed envelope with the college/university stamp or seal.

Course Curriculum Verification (IHS-856-6) [PDF - 124KB] — Confirms that the courses that you plan to take during the coming academic year are consistent with your curriculum for major.

Curriculum for Major — Obtain a copy from your school catalog or your major’s department office and attach it to your Course Curriculum Verification (IHS-856-6) form.


The following documentation is required from applicants who are transferring or seeking dual enrollment:

Letter of Acceptance/Proof of Application to a College/University — Applicants seeking dual enrollment also need a Letter of Enrollment and Good Academic Standing from their current health professions degree program.

Faculty/Advisor Evaluation (IHS-856-24) [PDF - 187KB] — Applicants applying online are responsible for ensuring that their evaluators have submitted their evaluations through the online system.

Change of Status (IHS-856-10) [PDF - 101KB]


Applicants who anticipate a change in their projected graduation date must submit a Change of Status (IHS-856-10) [PDF - 101KB] form.

IHS Extern Program

All IHS scholarship recipients are eligible to apply for an IHS externship. The IHS Extern Program employs participants for 30 to 120 days per calendar year during nonacademic periods only. These externships provide you with hands-on instructional experience that complements the knowledge and skills you develop in school. Externships are available through the federal civil service, direct Tribal hire and the US Public Health Service (USPHS) Commissioned Corps. The deadline to submit your IHS Extern Program application and documentation is the first Friday of February.


Resume — For civil service and direct Tribal hire applicants.

Application for Appointment as a Commissioned Officer in the US Public Health Service Commissioned Corps (PHS-50) [PDF - 1.2MB] — Commissioned Corps applicants only.

Official transcripts — Obtain from your school with an institutional seal and/or the registrar’s signature (copies not accepted).

Extern Site Preference Request (IHS-856-17) [PDF - 93KB]

Request for Extern Travel Reimbursement (IHS-856-18) [PDF - 84KB]

Proof of immunity to measles and rubella — Applicants who are not immune and refuse the recommended vaccine can be reassigned or removed from the service; provide one copy of your lab results or a letter from a health system documenting your results.

Proof of possession of a Social Security number and driver’s license — One copy of the front and back of both cards.

Documentation of enrollment in the coming Fall term — Submit an official letter from the university.

Additional Reminders


Remember the following documentation deadlines:

Recipient Initial Program Progress Report (IHS-856-8) [PDF - 131KB] — Within 30 days of the beginning of the academic term.

Official Transcripts — Due 30 days after you completed your most recent academic term. Transcripts must be in a sealed envelope and contain an institutional seal and/or a registar’s signature; copies will not be accepted.

Summer School Request (IHS-856-21) [PDF - 126KB] — Due April 22. This form must be completed and signed by your school advisor and include your major curriculum. Summer school courses must be requirements of your health profession degree program.

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