Opportunity. Adventure. Purpose.


Indian Health Service

Across IHS programs as diverse as recruitment, health care, finance, medical home model implementation, Head Start and others, our committed approach to deep client knowledge fosters measurable success across all media and technology. One of the longest running and most successful recruitment and retention brands in federal government history — Opportunity. Adventure. Purpose. — also describes how we feel about our 23-plus year relationship with IHS.




Federal Bureau of Investigation

In 2015, the FBI trusted our strategic planning and creative execution to support its prodigious recruitment needs, especially men and women in career fields who had no idea the FBI needed them! HORNE’s Unexpected Agent campaign also created some unexpected buzz among mainstream business media, including Fast Company, The Wall Street Journal, Quartz, NBC News and others. Since the campaign launched, application numbers continue to climb, especially among FBI’s targets — women and minorities. Recent Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter fan base increases of 41%, 181% and 290%, respectively, are bringing in more qualified candidates across a broader spectrum of career paths.


Exceptional Careers for Extraordinary People


Health and Human Services

The HHS “family” consists of 11 agencies, including behemoths CMS, FDA, NIH and CDC, along with the smaller and lesser-known ACF, HRSA, AHRQ and SAMHSA among others. HORNE was tasked to bring together three representatives from each agency to settle upon one recruitment, retention and onboarding brand for HHS. Exceptional Careers for Extraordinary People won over all of the agency hearts and minds in spite of the differences in each agency’s career specialties. One of our proudest moments as a team? Producing work that 40 people — with enormously varied agency cultures and priorities — all agreed was a positive representation of their brand.


Your Intelligence Protecting America


Defense Intelligence Agency

DIA has existed since 1961 as an organization that provides military intelligence to leaders and policymakers in support of U.S. military planning, operations and weapon systems acquisition. Secreted under the DoD umbrella, going public in order to effectively compete for talent became a necessity. To bring DIA out of the shadows, we created a campaign featuring a photo treatment that balanced a portion of the face in light with a portion in shadow to represent the covert nature of intelligence work. HORNE’s Your Intelligence Protecting America campaign also featured Elite Minds Required, a call to action that inspired qualified applicants to apply while discouraging less-than-qualified applicants. The multiple award-winning creative helped DIA fill 99% of its billets within three years of the campaign kickoff.


On Demand and Just in Time


U.S. Small Business Administration

The SBA needs little help delivering loans, loan guarantees, contracts, counseling and other assistance to small businesses. But refreshing its brand to reflect today’s business environment required more creative “boots on the ground” than the agency had available. We stepped in to provide on-demand support and just-in-time delivery of fact sheets, PPTs, banner displays, infographics and templates, as well as copywriting, editing and graphic design services to support the effort. We consider this proof that HORNE supports agencies' needs big and small with equal dedication and results.


Improving Access to Care and Patient Outcomes


Indian Health Service | Improving Patient Care

The Indian Health Service knew that moving hundreds of hospitals and clinics to the new Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) model of primary care delivery would take every ounce of clear, consistent and motivating communication it could muster. We created the Improving Patient Care (IPC) brand and launched a beautifully organized, multi-phased approach that empowers decision-makers with information required to achieve PCMH designation. This includes improving wait times to ensure positive outcomes. We’re proud to support IHS facilities in successfully meeting the 2021 deadline for achieving PCMH designation while improving patient care for the 2.1 million American Indians and Alaska Natives they serve. 


Careers that Deliver


United States Postal Service

We were tasked to help USPS transform its 1,200-person sales force when leadership decided to hire from outside rather than promote from within. The head of the department set aggressive sales goals, so the recruitment brand would need to encourage only the most qualified to apply. HORNE’s Careers that Deliver campaign featured images of fast-moving professionals and content that subtly discouraged those who would not be a good fit. Following the national media campaign, the HR support group reported an exponential drop in unqualified applications and, within two years, the group exceeded sales goals.



Opportunity. Adventure. Purpose.

Indian Health Service | Division of Oral Health

In 2000, few people knew IHS existed; the vacancy rate for qualified dentists remained stubbornly and unacceptably high. DOH leadership believed a lack of awareness and the remote location of facilities were stumbling blocks to filling vacancies. The Opportunity. Adventure. Purpose. campaign recontextualized that perception and positioned IHS’ remote locations as positives in order to attract health professionals who would appreciate a remote vicinity among some of the country’s most picturesque and recreationally abundant areas of the country. We won awards, raised awareness and lowered vacancy rates so effectively that IHS expanded the campaign to recruit all IHS health care providers for the next 18 years.